Political Economy

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1 The EU Sanctions against Iran Bounce Back: The Case of Peugeot Pirooz Izadi
2 EU Sanctions against Iran: Repercussions and Consequences Pirooz Izadi
3 Diplomacy and Sanction: Iran, Russia and China Hossein Malaek
4 Crisis-ridden EU Considers Iran's Oil Sanction Pirooz Izadi
5 Hydropolitics and Human Security: Water Cooperation in Relations between Iran, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan Vahid Sinaei
6 Iran’s Sovereignty Over Its Natural Resources and the Application of Municipal Law Homayoun Mafi
7 Iran and the Reconstruction of Afghanistan Ebrahim Abbasi
8 نفت و سیاست خارجی Administrator
9 Challenging Iran - China Strategic Ties Nasser Saghafi Ameri
10 The Dynamism of Iran-India Relations: 1979-2009 Mandana Tishehyar
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