Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi

Biography :

B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering, Sacramento State University, California, USA.
M.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering, San Jose State University, California, USA.
Ph.D Candidate in Telecommunications/Eng., Louisiana State University, USA. (Unfinished thesis)
M.A. Degree in International Relations, University of Tehran. Iran.
Ph.D Degree in International Relations, Warsaw University, Poland.

Professional Background:
Deputy of Foreign Policy and International Relations
1979 - 1986: Managing Director and Chairman of Board of Directors of TCI.
1980 - 1986: First Deputy Minister of Post and Tele Comunication
1986 - 1988: Advisor to Minister of Foreign Affairs
1986 - 1999: Chairman of Coordination Committee for Foreign Economic Relations.
1988 - 1997: Political Deputy of Foreign Minister in Europe and American Countries Affairs.
1997 - 1999: Deputy Foreign Minister in Economic Affairs.
1999 - until now: Member of Board of Directors, Naftiran Intertrade Co. Ltd. (NICO)
1999 - until now: Member of Board of Directors and Vice – Chairman of OIEC.
1999 - until now: Deputy of Foreign Policy and International Relations, CSR (Expediency Council).

Articles in Political and Scientific Journals