Vol. 2, No. 1, Spring 2011

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1 Editor's Note; An Iranian View on the Uprisings in the Arab World Seyed Kazem Sajjadpour
2 Free and Confined: Iran and the International System Mohiaddin Mesbahi
3 Afghanistan, NATO and the Regional States: Challenges and Responses Shirin Akiner
4 Sanctions against Iran: War and Containment Mostafa Zahrani
5 Iran and the Persian Gulf Security Reza Simbar and Arsalan Ghorbani Sheikh Neshin
6 Iran and China - Looking for an Alliance and Regional Power Status Erzsébet N. Rózsa
7 EU Policy and US Strategy towards the Persian Gulf – Different Approaches for Common Goals? Michele Brunelli
8 Foreign Policy Planning in Iran in Twenty Year Outlook Plan Seyed Kazem Sajjadpour and Ardeshir Nourian