Quarterly of Foreign Relations JournalsRavabet-e Khareji - Quarterly of Foreign Relations – a Persian publication of the Institute for Strategic Research, an affiliate of the Center for Strategic Research (CSR) – was first published in spring 2009. The Quarterly, accredited as a scientific-research journal, is dedicated to scientific, objective, and impartial study of the foreign relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It intends to pursue the following specific goals:
1. Create a scientific forum to advance review and analysis of the wide range of issues related to or affecting Iran’s foreign relations and policy;
2. Provide a forum for the exchange of views and analysis among  Iranian and foreign scholars;
3. Promote better understanding and appreciation of existing and emerging theories and studies in the fields of international relations and foreign policy; 
4. Contribute to the promotion of a better nexus between relevant theories and studies in international relations and foreign policy making in Iran; and
5. Serve as a bridge between the academic-scientific community and the policy-making and executive elite.  
Hassan Rouhani, Director of the Center for Strategic Research (CSR), serves as the executive director of the Quarterly. Mahmood Vaezi, Deputy for Foreign Policy Research at CSR serves as chairman of the advisory board. Seyyed Jalal Dehghani Firouzabadi serves as editor–in–chief.
 The editor-in-chief of the Quarterly cordially invites interested scholars and practitioners living in and outside Iran to submit their papers in the form of full-length articles or book reviews on relevant subjects for publication in the journal.