Iranian review of foreign affairsThe Iranian Review of Foreign Affairs (IRFA) is the academic English language quarterly of the Institute for Strategic Research, an affiliate of the Center for Strategic Research – CSR – (Expediency Council, Tehran).
The quarterly is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal with an international editorial board comprising prominent scholars and practitioners of international relations, political science, and global and regional affairs, and is intended to provide a forum for policy and conceptual analysis debate and advanced research on a wide range of current issues and unfolding developments. It endeavors to present independent, objective perspectives on the wide range of international and regional issues of importance to and affecting Iran and its foreign affairs.     
Hassan Rouhani, the Director of the Center for Strategic Research, serves as the executive director of the Review. Seyed Mohammad Kazem Sajjadpour, serves as the editor-in-chief.    
The Editorial Board of the Iranian Review are keen to throw the net as far and wide as possible to invite interested scholars and practitioners, in Iran and elsewhere, to extend cooperation with this new journal and submit their papers, book reviews or short analytical notes on relevant subjects for publication in our journal.