Vol. 1, No. 4, Winter 2011

Iranian Review of Foreign Affairs No. 4

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# Article Title Author
1 Editorial Note ISR Group
2 Iran’s New Security Environment Imperatives: Counter Containment or Engagement with the US Naser Hadian and Shani Hormozi
3 Iran-China Relations: An Overview of Critical Factors Mohsen Sahriatinia
4 Iran-GCC Relations under President Ahmadinejad: 2005-2009 Mohammad Hossein Hafezian
5 Iran- Saudi Relations: Past Pattern, Future Outlook Hossein Sadeghi and Hassan Ahmadian
6 Israel's Opposition to a Nuclear-Free Middle East: Rationale and Repercussions Mohammad Reza Maleki and Farzad Mohammadzadeh Ebrahimi
7 Shi‘i Studies and the Islamic Republic of Iran: Claiming Islam Back to its Own History Raffaele Mauriello
8 Roundtable Report: CSR-SWP Roundtable on Iran-EU Relations and Regional Issues 19 October 2010, Tehran
9 Robert Jervis, Why Intelligence Fails: Lessons from the Iranian Revolution and the Iraq War (Book Review) Reviewed by Farideh Farhi
10 The Impact of NATO's New Missions on the Interests and National Security of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Book Review) Reviewed by Fahimeh Ghorbani