The EU is the largest multilateral commercial bloc and the most important example of regional integration model in the world. So far, it has taken serious steps to become a powerful economic and political international institution. However, it has not been so successful in achieving political integration. In recent years, some developments within the EU and in the outside world have made the EU less effective. These developments include differences between European countries over supporting the U.S. in its attack on Iraq; the EU's enlargement which meant the membership of 12 Central and East European countries with their own specific economic and political structures and problems; negative vote of people in France and Netherland to the EU constitution in 2005; coming to power of new political leaders in three big European countries; Germany, France and Britain. This article studies Lisbon Treaty from different point of views and then examines the new foreign policy approach of Nicolas Sarkozy which is supposed to display a great shift from traditional French policies.

Source: Diplomatic Hamshahri, No 19, November 2007

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