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61 Interaction between Iran and the U.S. in Iraq Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi
62 The Process and the Structures in the New World Situation Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi
63 The Integration Impasse: The European Union and the Challenge of Single European Legal System Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi
64 The 2008 Doha Agreement and a US retreat from its policies in Lebanon Seyyed Hamed Mousavi
65 Security – Building in Iraq: Actors and Approaches Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi
66 Iran's Security Approach to Its Immediate Environment Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi
67 The Global Strategy of the United States in Relation with the Islamic World: A Perspective from Iran Nasser Saghafi Ameri / Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi
68 Political Developments in Pakistan: Sharing Power with Civilians Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi
69 Developments in the EU and French Foreign Policy Approach Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi
70 Iran-Turkey Economic Ties: Prospects for Improvement Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hafezian