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51 America needs Iran in Afghanistan Nasser Saghafi Ameri
52 Afghanistan in Transition Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi
53 Only a Strong Iran will Talk Dr. Kayhan Barzegar
54 Iran and the EU: Prospects for Change Dr. Pirouz Izadi
55 Obama's Iran Policy Nasser Saghafi Ameri
56 Mediation in the Karabakh Dispute Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi
57 The Roots of U.S. Middle East Policy and Its Failure Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi
58 The Image of Russian National Security Policy in the Near Abroad after September 11 Parvin Dadandish
59 Karabakh's Crisis: Iran's Mediation and the Aftermath Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi
60 The Shia Factor in Iran's Foreign Policy Dr. Kayhan Barzegar