Iran and the Reconstruction of Afghanistan

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Ebrahim Abbasi
25 December 2011

Among all Middle Eastern countries, Iran’s successful involvement in Afghanistan’s reconstruction, and gaining of beneficial experience of reconstructing a foreign country within a framework of collaboration between states and the private sector. The study consists of an introduction, a body consisting of three parts, and a conclusion. In the first part, this article analyze the history of foreign aid, donor countries, and aid organizations are reviewed. The second part studies the political and economic reconstruction of Afghanistan and the international consensus at the Tokyo Conference to help rebuild Afghanistan. The final section discusses Iran's presence in Afghanistan, the establishment of the reconstruction campaign, working groups, as well as specifications of implemented projects and their overall impact. The findings of the article show that in addition to helping reconstruct Afghanistan, and increasing the trade volume and mutual investments, Iran’s aid has led Iranian companies work across borders and offered it experience of participating in the reconstruction of a foreign country.