With this Note for the fourth issue, I and the IRFA family are in fact celebrating the successful completion of the first year of our collective endeavor in producing this journal. The Note is written with a combination of joy and a much bigger sense of responsibility that we all feel and share. The fact that we have made it, against quite a number of serious odds, to move from the inaugural issue which took almost two years to come out to the second, third, and now the fourth, within a span of eleven months – just over a month late for the current issue - has indeed been a feat, to be proud of, and also to feel humbled because of the bigger task lying ahead. Since the third issue appeared in mid-October 2010, we have been engaged with the all-too-important administrative process of applying for certification with the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. That, as everybody involved in this line of activity knows fully well, is a time-consuming process and even at times tricky and cumbersome. We are right in the middle of it and look forward to an early completion of the process so that we can enjoy the privileges of academic recognition, similar to other colleagues - and journals – who have trekked along the same road. This process has also brought us in closer touch with the distinguished members of the Editorial Board.