A Romanian delegation from EURISC foundation and Romanian Institute of International Studies headed by Ambassador Nicolae Ecobescu on 19 November 2013 participated in a session with the experts of the Foreign Policy Research department of the C.S.R in which some interested subjects were discussed.

In this session, first, the Romanian side addressed the Middle East nuclear free zone and mentioned the pivotal role that Iran can play in this process. Then, issues such as transatlantic relations, given the recent shift in U.S. policy orientations and its "pivoting towards Asia", the internal affairs of the European Union and its future and also some issues related to protecting critical infrastructures against man – made and natural disasters, energy security, space security and environmental threats, were discussed.

The Iranian side, in its turn, advanced some issues in regard to the Middle East nuclear free zone and the destructive role of Israel supported by the U.S. in the realization of this idea, different views among the principal members of the EU which make interaction with this body a difficult task, Turkey's membership in the EU and the threats posed to Iran's critical infrastructure by Israel and Western intelligence services, and expressed Iran's concerns about these issues.

In the end, the Romanian side thanked for the opportunity provided for visiting the Foreign Research Policy department of the C.S.R and discussing with its experts. Also both sides expressed their hope to continue their cooperation in their interested fields.