Mahmood Vaezi, Oil and Iranian Foreign Policy, Tehran: Institute for Strategic Research, 2010, 646 pp.

Possessing the world's third largest oil reserves and the second largest natural gas reserves - as well as being located at the center of the strategic energy ellipse - Iran has always played a strategic role in the realm of the political economy of oil in the world. On the  other hand, during the past 150 years, energy, and most notably oil and gas, have enjoyed a significant place in the formation of Iran's political economy as well as national interests and it can continue to play a crucial role in the promotion of Iran's regional and international status. It is noteworthy that an increase in Iran's share in the production, trade, and transit of energy will make the world economy dependent on the Iranian economy in this sector. It will also enhance Iran's national security, while providing the grounds for moving towards development. Furthermore, according to the provisions of the country's Fourth Development Plan, around 70% of investments in the enlargement of oil and gas industries have to be secured